Our Approach

Our passion for auditing extends beyond just instilling trust in our clients' financial statements. We know that a clean audit opinion is often the final hurdle for our clients to receive the grant funding, be approved for the loan, or win the customer or project. By providing these services, we help our clients to achieve their purpose and support their own customers, employees, vendors, and other stakeholders. And we take great pride in that! 

We also understand that accounting is often subjective, accountants are imperfect, and running a business is hard. We specialize in helping our clients get to a clean opinion and an aesthetic set of financial statements that they can be proud of, and that their banker, customer, or donor will trust.

To accomplish this, we take OWNERSHIP of our responsibilities, gain CONFIDENCE in our abilities through experience and education, act PROACTIVELY in anticipating problems and designing solutions, feel EMPATHETIC to our clients' struggles, and do our work with high QUALITY.

To ensure an effective and efficient engagement, we've designed our process in the following 6 phases:

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Your First Audit: Know What to Expect

Your First Review: Know What to Expect

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